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We build and manage remote software development teams or augment existing ones


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Team augmentation or dedicated teams

Remote working is reshaping the entire notion of work as we know it, and it is here to stay. With our services you can derive maximum benefit from this trend by growing your team and expanding your software development capabilities. At the same time you can become more productive and agile, save costs and reduce risks. Access to additional talent pools and flexible scaling are critical for businesses that want to innovate and succeed in a highly competitive environment. Even if you have a clear project roadmap and a strong core team, extra development capabilities will help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.
Augmenting your software development team allows you to add resources to your teams based on the additional skills required to support your company’s initiatives. Balancing the workload can help you make substantial savings and boost productivity.

Having a dedicated software development team allows you to execute entire projects using our resources. In some cases, this can also take the form of out-tasking, where specific tasks of a project might be outsourced to a sub team which is staffed and managed by us.


We guarantee our customers:

Technical expertise

Predictable and high-quality delivery

Operational agility

Strong work ethic

Trustworthy partnership


Take advantage of our technological expertise and extensive pool of skilled IT professionals equipped with the latest programming languages, tools and frameworks.

Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation

End-to-end business process automation
Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Complex data AI analytics

Machine Learning & AI

Machine Learning & AI

Neural Networks and Deep Learning
Machine Learning Algorithms
Real-time visual data processing

Data analytics

Data analytics

Big Data analytics
Real-time video analytics
Predictive analytics

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Cloud applications development
Microservices Architecture
Cloud solutions for Big Data


Selected examples how we solved our customers’ specific project requirements.

Process automation

Integration of third party APIs into the customer platform

Process automation

A powerful process automation platform provider was trying to enlarge their development team. Peoly provided them with a managed nearshore development team with experience of integration, RESTful API and JavaScript as well as knowledge of front-end development. After an evaluation period, we were able to qualify as an exclusive partner for the project. The assignment was to integrate 3rd party APIs into the customer platform. Within a couple of months we had expanded a dedicated team of 5 to 15 people with a specific developer profile tailored to the customer needs. Currently, the customer makes use of a wide scope of our services and enjoys access to a team extended on on-demand basis.

AI video analytics for retail

Real-time object detection, tracking and  behavioral analysis

AI video analytics for retail

A customer with a long term experience in AI/ML (bylo ML/AI) was looking for highly qualified Machine Learning developers experienced in real-time object detection and tracking, as well as behavioral analysis of objects in video feeds from a retail environment. We created an expert team comprising an ML specialist with experience of real-time object detection pipeline (detection model, transfer learning, tracking, behavioral analysis), two senior developers with experience of real-time object detection pipeline and Nvidia DeepStream SDK principles, and one annotator with experience of preparing ground truth data for ML models. Our team has substantially helped improve current customer solution in terms of performance, reliability and speed of processing.

Traffic video analytics for SmartCity

Real-time analytics, pattern recognition and anomaly detection

Traffic video analytics for SmartCity

A renowned European system integrator was looking for a software solution for its SmartCity project with special requirements for real-time traffic video data analytics. We were able to customize our software modules and meet all the specific requirements within a short time. We used our extensive expertise to provide specific and precise output traffic data for further use in the customer’s SmartCity platform.

Web platform visual search

Neural network model, microservices and platform integration

Web platform visual search

A furniture aggregator platform was looking to extend their search services with visual search, which allows customers to find similar products just by uploading a photo they have taken or downloaded. We prepared the whole service as a separate microservice for the customer’s Kubernetes infrastructure. The team consisted of two ML experts and two Senior Developers, who completely designed and developed the whole service including the communication model with other already existing services. We worked with the latest architecture designs such as detector, feature vector extractor, approximate nearest neighbor and other services.

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We thank our clients for the trust they place in us. A long-term sincere partnership is what we value the most.


It went much faster than we thought

„Working with peoly helped us to consolidate our internal systems for managing thousands of candidates for recruiting processes for almost 200 of our industrial clients. The partnership allowed us to migrate our systems to one Applicant Tracking System, which peoly designed according to our specific needs in a shorter time than planned.“

 M.Sc. Marketa Dlabolova, COO, PolySearch LLC.

Effective Cooperation

“Our cooperation with peoly is very effective. They are capable of delivering the developers we need quite quickly, which is important for us. They are also capable of quickly solving any issues, proving that they are a partner we can rely on.”

Ondrej Gazda – Integromat Co-founder & CEO

Much appreciated

“From the beginning of our cooperation, peoly team was very helpful and their developers even worked beyond our contract to help us solve problems with our original solution. Much appreciated.”

Stepan Drbohlav, Data Scientist, GREENLIGHT


We are a software company with HQ in Prague, Czech Republic and software development centers in Ukraine. We build dedicated development teams, augment existing development teams and provide end-to-end software engineering services.

We were able to create local ecosystems of experienced professionals, developers and universities in both countries, which in combination with our own local recruitment company allows us to grow every year. Our team of experienced data analysts, machine learning experts and programmers is always up for a challenge and dedicated to help clients grow and prosper.

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